How to get my Inventory Listings to Show up on MLS or Under Company Inventory

Do you have Inventory Listings that are not displaying under your Company Inventory or the MLS tab?

In order for any vessel listing to display for other brokers to see under Company Inventory, or MLS, your Inventory records must be in a LISTING status, rather than a PENDING status.

An Inventory record will automatically transition from Pending status to Listing status once the Listing Agreement is fully executed by all parties.  If this is a new listing you're working on, you can have your seller(s) sign using eSign or if they prefer to hand sign, you can use the Hand Sign feature to record those hand signatures.

If you are entering historical listings into YachtCloser, you can record the original signatures using the Hand Sign feature and transition the Listing Agreement to a Signed status and thus the inventory record to a Listing status.