How to Send a Document for Electronic Signature

1.  Once you are ready to send a document out for eSignature, go to the Documents page.  If the document you want is not displayed, click the Add Documents button, as shown below.

3.  Check the box for the document(s) and click the  Add button.

4.  Select the document(s) by clicking anywhere on the row and then click the  Esign button.

5.  The Send E-Sign Invites pop up will appear.  Check the box next to the party, or parties, you wish to eSign the document.  Then click the Send Invites button.  The email subject can be changed if desired.  If you want to address the party by a different name (Joe vs Joseph) you can enter that into the Display Name field.  If you want to include a message with the email you have two options.  First, the text field at the very bottom will send a message to ALL parties that are selected.  If you only want to send a message to 1 party or you want different messages for each party, select the Message checkbox next to the party and a text field will display below.  This message will only be sent to the associated party.  An example of the messages sent in an email can be seen below.

PLEASE NOTE:  If multiple documents are selected, YachtCloser will check to see which parties are allowed to sign ALL of the documents selected.  If the buyer/co-buyer are able to sign all, then those parties will be displayed on the popup to select. Same for the other potential signing parties.  However, if one or more parties are NOT signers on ALL the documents selected, then those parties will be omitted from the popup and not selectable.

For information on attachments please see this help article How to Attach a Listing Brochure to a PSA and Send for E-Signature

The party, or parties, will receive an email with a direct link to access and eSign the document, similar to the email below:

Once the party clicks the link in the email, they will be taken to a secure page on the internet where they can preview the document and electronically sign.  

To learn more about how to successfully complete the electronic signature process please reference our article titled How to Electronically Sign a Document.