YachtCloser Release 66

Date of Release:  09/6/2018

The following release notes outline the major changes that will impact users.  The release may also contain general bug fixes and under-the-hood type of improvements that are not visible to users.  

Notification of BoatWizard Listings with Expired Deal Closing Dates

We have made changes to help brokers and admins identify listings that have been published to BoatWizard that have deals with expired closing dates prior to the BoatWizard listing being inactivated.  For more information see help article How to Keep your Listings Active on BoatWizard.

The following changes have been made:

  • We have added 2 additional days past the closing date before the listing will be inactivated.
  • An email notification will be sent to both listing brokers and admins the day after the closing date has expired.  This allows 2 days for action to be taken before the listing is inactivated.  Email example is below:

Refresh BoatWizard Logo on Publisher Review Page

The BoatWizard logo on the Publisher Review page will automatically refresh after any changes are made, for example, after the Do Not Publish checkbox is selected.  Please allow up to a minute for the refresh to complete and then you should see updated icons if applicable to the action taken.  

US Bill of Sale CG-1340 (Trade-In to Broker)

We have added a new document that can be used when the brokerage is accepting a trade. 

Saved Closing Locations

We have added a feature to allow users to select a previously entered closing location name and address.  This feature works the same as the Vessel Location under the Inventory tab.

Default Selection for California Property Tax Terms

For brokers that use CYBA documents, we have default selected "Seller shall pay full personal property tax" under the Property Tax (CA) button.  Previously there was no default.  The broker is able to select the other option if appropriate.

Engines and Additional Units pages updated to Responsive

The engines and additional units pages have an updated look and are now responsive, meaning the orientation and size of the fields will adjust based on the size of the window or device.