How to keep your listing active on BoatWizard

In order to ensure the most accurate inventory and to prevent your boat from being inactivated on BoatWizard, the status of your Inventory and Deals in YachtCloser needs to be kept up-to-date.  If a fully executed Deal is linked to an inventory record that has published to BoatWizard pay close attention to the deal closing date.  If a deal is still active the day after the Closing Date has past, the broker and admin will receive an email notification.  If no action is taken within 2 days the listing will be inactivated in BoatWizard.  This will keep your records accurate and prevent brokers and buyers from calling on boats which are already sold or not available.

How to Reactivate the Listing on BoatWizard

  • If the closing date was extended, simply update the closing date on the deal.
  • If the Deal is complete mark it as Sold.
  • If the Deal fell through Cancel the deal.  

1. To Cancel a Deal or Mark it as Sold, Go to Current Deal page and click the "Change Status" link under the Actions column:

Then select the appropriate status:

2. Another quick way to mark the deal as "Sold" or "Canceled" is from the Deals / Documents page: