YachtCloser Release 65

Date of Release:  08/16/2018

The following release notes outline the major changes that will impact users.  The release may also contain general bug fixes and under-the-hood type of improvements that are not visible to users.  

New E-Sign Features:

Send the Same Attachment to Multiple Parties Separately

We have updated the electronic signature process to allow users to send the same attachment to multiple parties at different times, allowing all of the signatures to appear on the same document.  All signatures will appear on ALL pages of the attachment as well.  Previously users would have to upload multiple copies of the attachment if they wanted to send them to the parties at different times.  Follow the steps below or for more information about E-Signatures see the following help article  How to Send a Document for Electronic Signature

1.  Go to the Documents page and Add the desired documents.

2.  Go to the Uploads tab.  Upload the attachment that you want to send for electronic signature.

3.  Go back to the Documents tab and highlight the document and select the Esign button.

4.  Select the party(ies) and then select the Attachments button.  Select the attachment and then the Done button.

5.  Select Send Invites button to send the Esign invite with attachment.

6.  When you are ready to send the Esign and attachment to the next party(ies), repeat steps 3 through 5.

7.  Once all parties have signed you can view the attachment with all parties signatures on all pages from the Uploads tab.

NOTE:  Once an attachment is sent for Esign it will be locked and cannot be attached for electronic signature for a different document.  

Send a Custom Display Name and Message in the E-Sign Invitation Email

Display Name:  A new column has been added to allow you to address the party by a different name.  If the buyer's legal name is Joseph but he goes by Joe then enter 'Joe' into the Display Name field and the email will be addressed to Joe instead of Joseph.  The display name will persist to future Esign invites so that you do not have to enter it each time you send the party a document for signature.  The name can be edited or removed at any time.  If Display Name is left blank the party will be addressed as the Name displays.

Message:  A new Message column has been added with a checkbox.  If the Message checkbox is selected a text box displays below the party information.  This text box allows you to send a custom message to a specific party.  Previously, the message box at the bottom was the only message that could be sent but it was sent to all parties.  This new feature will allow you to send invites to all parties at once with different messages for each party.  The option to send the same message to all parties still remains at the bottom.  

An example of the email sent can be seen below.