YachtCloser Release 64

Date of Release:  July 25, 2018

The following release notes outline the major changes that will impact users.  The release may also contain general bug fixes and under-the-hood type of improvements that are not visible to users.  

Location Default Fees

Admins are now able to set default fees per location whereas before they could only set default fees for the entire company.  Simply go to Account/Location Info/Brokerage Settings and Dealer Settings.

Enhanced YachtWorld Listings

YachtCloser now has the ability to send YachtWorld enhancements to BoatWizard when we publish listings.  Please see the  How to Enhance a YachtWorld Listing help article to learn more about this new feature.

Initials are shown on ALL pages when attachments are e-signed

Previously when an attachment was e-signed the initials only displayed on the 1st page and never on additional pages.  Now the initials will display on all pages of the attachment.

YachtCloser Documentation Services renames Escrow Service to Settlement Service

Escrow Services has been renamed to Settlement Service

Improved Make Search

We have improved the search process when typing in a Make.  You should notice that the search is faster and that the search results will better match the input text.

Consignment Tab Removed from Add Documents

In the last release we had a small bug that forced us to show the Consignment tab on the Add Documents window for all users.  We have fixed the issue and now the Consignment tab will only display if you have those settings turned on.

Update Listing status when Sold Deal is ReOpened

When a deal with a linked listing is marked as Sold the listing is automatically marked as Sold.  In the case where a broker might mark a deal as Sold prematurely or accidentally they change the deal status back to Deal.  Previously they would have had to update the listing status from Sold to Listing manually but now that listing status transition will happen automatically.

Material Damage radio buttons changed to Drop-Down field with Blank

On the Listing Terms page, the Material Damage radio button to select Yes or No has been changed to a drop-down field that will allow the user to select a blank value.  Previously, if the Material Damage was set to Yes or No, the user had no way of deselecting Yes or No and would often call into Support and ask for us to remove the selection.

Total Gallons renamed Gallons for Tank Capacity

We have renamed Total Gallons to Gallons for tank capacity to match how BoatWizard requests the Tank Capacity data.  In the Gallons field enter the gallon per single tank instead of the total gallons held for multiple tanks.  For example if there are two 25 gallon tanks, enter 25 in the gallons field and 2 in the Number of Tanks field for a total gallon calculation of 50 gallons.

Resource tab updated to Responsive

The Resource tab has a new look with responsive fields.

Revised Helm Stat Calculations

For Dealer deals we are now reporting the Total Purchase Price and for Brokerage Deals we are subtracting the survey allowance.