YachtCloser Release 57

Date of Release:  12/1/2017

The following release notes outline the major changes that will impact users.  The release may also contain general bug fixes and under-the-hood type of improvements that are not visible to users.  

Ability to view the Publish Status on Current Inventory page

Users can now view the publish status from the Current Inventory page to determine if a listing has been successfully published.  If 100% of the required fields for publish are completed, a publish icon will display to the right of the status.  Users can click on the icon to go directly to the Publisher Review page.
  • If the listing has been successfully published a green checkmark will display on top of the publish icon.  For BoatWizard users this indicates that the listing is the master record.  For more information on master record see the help article About BoatWizard Integration and Master Record
  • If the listing has not been published (because publishing has been disabled or due to an error) a red X will display on top of the publish icon.  
  • If no icon displays then the required fields are not 100% complete on the Publisher Review page.

Ability to Disconnect Listings from BoatWizard

Users can now disconnect listings from BoatWizard.  Simply go to the Inventory/Vessel page and scroll to the very bottom.  If a listing is already connected you will see a Disconnect from BoatWizard button.  Once disconnected you will see the Connect to BoatWizard button and you can connect to a different listing if you choose.  NOTE:  If a listing is published to BoatWizard it will be inactivated upon disconnection.

Expired Closing Date on a Deal will inactivate BoatWizard listing

If a fully executed Deal is linked to an inventory listing that has published to BoatWizard you should pay close attention to the deal closing date.  Once the closing date has expired the BoatWizard listing will be inactivated.  If the closing date has been extended, simply update the closing date on the deal and the BoatWizard listing will be reactivated.  

Support of On-Sale Pending status 

YachtCloser now supports the preference of updating BoatWizard listings to On-Sale Pending status when a linked Deal is fully executed.  On the Account/Company Info/Brokerage Settings page, a new setting Update BoatWizard On-Sale Pending Status has been added under Deal settings.  The default is set to No and if left at No then no updates will be sent to BoatWizard.  If Yes is selected YachtCloser will update the On-Active status to On-Sale Pending when a linked deal is fully executed and in a Deal status.  NOTE:  Listings that have already published will need to be republished after this setting is turned on for the updated status to be sent to BoatWizard.  To trigger a republish go to the Vessel page and update a data field (i.e. Year), select Save/Update, and then change it back and Save/Update.

Ability to Merge Descriptions from BoatWizard into YachtCloser

Previously when a broker connected a YachtCloser listing to a BoatWizard listing and merged vessel details the descriptions were not merged from BoatWizard into YachtCloser.  With this release descriptions can be merged upon initial connection and via the Merge Vessel Details button.  You will be presented with the question,  Should missing descriptions from BoatWizard listing be merged?, answer Yes and the descriptions from BoatWizard will be merged into your YachtCloser listing.  For more information on how to connect listings or merge vessel details see the help article How to merge/update existing listings on YachtCloser from BoatWizard