How to import inventory from BoatWizard

The Import from BoatWizard option allows a new user of YachtCloser to import all their existing listings from BoatWizard to YachtCloser.

When to use this option:

  • New user to YachtCloser
  • Listings do not already exist in YachtCloser

Please Note:  Where the inventory is originated from becomes the master record.  The master record is where you can add/edit details about the listing. For more information, read the following article: About BoatWizard integration and Master Record

Step 1: Select the "Import.." button on the main Inventory page

Step 2: Select which boats you would like to import and click OK at the bottom of the page

Only active BoatWizard listings are available to import into YachtCloser.  If a BoatWizard listing is already connected to a YachtCloser listing it will display a small YC logo next to the checkbox and will not be available for import.

Step 3:  After importing, update each record with the appropriate Seller and Contract Terms so these listings are ready to "Make Offers" when a buyer comes along.

Only the boat and marketing data are imported.  You would still need to enter the Seller and Terms of the Listing contract for each listing.  If you are a new YachtCloser user you can find information on creating a Listing "Contract"in the following article:   How to Create a Listing Contract