How to publish inventory from YachtCloser to BoatWizard

Publishing inventory data from YachtCloser to BoatWizard is easy!  After you've completed the listing agreement with your client, just add the required marketing/advertising information to the inventory in YachtCloser and the information will flow directly to BoatWizard.  Any changes you make in YachtCloser (e.g. listing price, images, videos, etc) will automatically update BoatWizard. 

Please Note: Where the inventory is originated from becomes the master record.  The master record is where you can add/edit details about the listing. For more information, read the following article: About BoatWizard Integration and Master Record

The Publisher Review page is accessed by click on the Vessel tab and then Publisher Review Button the right side:

  • You need to make sure the Required Fields equal 100% for each active listing. If it is less than 100%, find the field(s) with a red "X" and update the field from where it was entered.  Return to the Publisher Review page to make sure it now shows a green checkmark next to the updated fields.  When the listing has successfully published to BoatWizard, a green checkmark will appear on the BoatWizard logo. 

  • If the listing has not published, a yellow warning sign will display on the BoatWizard logo.  Simply click on the logo to view the warning.

Add Advertising Details

Add Photos and Videos:  With YachtCloser's enhanced photo tool, you can now upload or drag/drop as many photos as you want without having to wait.  Just add your photos and move on to other pages and the photos will upload in the background without slowing you down.  You can easily drag/drop photos into the "Drop photos here" section or just use the "Upload" button.  Feel free to reposition photos by just dragging them to new positions or click on the photo to add titles or rotate images.

Please note:  BoatWizard does not currently support videos hosted on VIMEO, so in order for videos to show up on YachtWorld, please select the YouTube option.

Add Descriptions:  The only required description is the "Main Description" but we recommend you add as much detail as you can to provide a more complete listing online for potential buyers.