Slider Image - Slider Categories

Slider Category: The Slider Category allows you to group a variety of images to any page on your website. You will start out with a "Home" category which is automatically linked to your homepage. Any photos you add using the category "home" will display on the Home page.

If you want to display photos from the Image Slider to another page in your website, you can add a new category by clicking on  Add Slider Category under the Page Slider Section. You will see a page to type in the Title for the Category and hit Save. 

You can see in the image below I have added in multiple Categories:

After you add the Categories, you will need to assign them to the appropriate pages in your website:

1.) Click on the  Page Section then click on Modify Existing Page.

2.) Click on the ' Mod Tool' (Pen and Paper Icon) to open the page.

3.) Inside the Page you will see a drop down menu ' Select Slider', choose the Slider Image Category then hit Save at the bottom of the page. 

Once you have saved your changes, you can go to the front end of your site and view the new Image Slider on the specific page you assigned it to. 

Click here for information on how to add Images to the Image Slider.