Slider Image - Adding Photos to Slider

Slider Images allow you to add photos to any page in your website. You can display on the image important information, direct readers to content you want them to see, and enhance your websites look. 

You can easily add a variety of Images to your Image Slider by clicking on the Page Slider Section in the Back End Control Panel. This will open up the Slider menu.

Adding New Images: You can add new images to a Category by clicking on Add New Image. 

As you see in the Image above,

Select Slider Category: is the Category where the Image will be grouped in. 

Title: This is the Title or message that will display over the image on the website, (you can choose to have it display over the photo or not). 

Link: Allows you to link the image to an Internal Link in the Website or External Link outside of the website so any users that click on the Image will be taken to that page. 

The Button Text will show if you decide to add in a link to the image. You can customize the button text to fit with your message and photo. 

Click here for information on how to Assign Slider Images to other Pages in your site.