How to Add a New User (for Admins only)

Please note two things:  1) Only YachtCloser users with Company or Location Admin privileges can add users.  2) Please make sure you are NOT Viewing As another user or as Company All or a Location, but rather are Viewing As My Records or in other words viewing your own user account.

To Add a New User to YachtCloser, go to the Location Info page under the Account tab.

Click the Users button on the right side of the Location Info page, as displayed below.

Then click the Add User button, as displayed below.

The following screen will pop up.  Fill in the appropriate information.  First Name, Last Name, and Email are required.  If you have more than one location, choose the appropriate location for this new broker using the Location drop down menu, as displayed below.

You can also assign this broker with Company or Location Admin privileges if necessary.

Company Admin = Visibility over all company information and activity

Location Admin = Visibility over all "Location" information and activity

Publish Authorize = User has the ability to update the 'Do Not Publish' checkbox on the Publisher Review page for a listing, ultimately to publish a listing or unpublish a listing.

Dealer Inventory Permissions: Inventory Mgr Company, Inventory Mgr Location, and Dealer Agent.  For more information on these roles, please visit the following help article:  Dealer Inventory Permissions

Once the information is entered correctly, click the OK button.

After the new User is added, click the green "Send Welcome Email" button which will send the new user an email inviting them to create their password and login.