2023 May 15

Date of Release:  5/15/2023

An “ Allow Selling Broker Access” checkbox has been added to allow the Listing Broker to hide Seller information through all Deal stages.  

NOTE: By default, ALL current Inventory records are selected to NOT Allow Selling Broker Access

Uncheck this box to make sure the Seller information is hidden on deals.

You can uncheck this checkbox up until the deal reaches ‘ Deal’ Status, after that the checkbox will no longer be editable.

If checked, this will grant the Selling broker access to the Seller information, otherwise it will keep the information hidden.

All deals created from a listing will inherit the value of this checkbox from the listing.

To Specify Company Default Settings go to:

  1. Account Tab / Company Info page
  2. On the right, select "Brokerage Settings" 
  3. Add the desired default settings: