IYBA Document Updates

Date of Release:  2/3/2020

YachtCloser has made changes to our application to accommodate the most recent IYBA Listing and Purchase Agreements.

Listing Agreement Seller Updates

The Listing Agreement has two new fields added for the seller:  Owner Good Standing and Jurisdiction of Owner.  In YachtCloser, we have added these two new fields to the Inventory / Seller / Additional Info page so they can be populated on the document.

IYBA Listing Agreement:

YachtCloser Seller / Additional Info page:

New Section 17 Added

IYBA has added Section 17 to both the the Listing and Purchase Agreements.  The verbiage is the same on both forms.

YachtCloser has added this new section to the Terms page called IYBA Terms  for both the Inventory and Deal pages.  If this page has been populated for the inventory record it will carry forward to linked deals.  

Principal Signature

IYBA has added a new section for Principal Signature.  If the Seller is a Company (i.e. Company/Trust = Yes on Inventory/Seller page), the Principal Signature on the Listing Agreement PDF will auto populate with the seller’s signature during the eSign process.