How to Import Zoho or MetroLeads Clients into YachtCloser

YachtCloser is integrated with both Zoho ( and MetroLeads ( CRM systems.  This integration provides the ability for YachtCloser brokers to search, find, select, and import client data. In the process YachtCloser creates a new client record for use by the broker with their inventory or deal records.  The integration is a one way communication channel, meaning YachtCloser can import data from Zoho or MetroLead but YachtCloser cannot send data back to the other systems.  

To turn on the integration you must sign up for service with the desired CRM.  Submit an integration request to YachtCloser Support to initiate the process and provide the integration credentials from Zoho or MetroLeads.  YachtCloser charges a $25 monthly fee for the integration.  

How to Import Clients into a Listing or Deal

1.  From any Seller or Buyer page, select the Client Search button.

2.  Enter the client name, company, or email into the Instant Search and select the Search CRM button.  Note:  If there are matching clients in YachtCloser they will display when you enter data into the Instant Search field.  Once you select the Search CRM button only third party CRM clients will be displayed.  In the example below, I did not have any matching clients in YachtCloser so there are no clients displayed.

3.  A list of matching clients from the third party CRM will display.  Find the client you want to import click the Select button.

4.  The client data is now populated in YachtCloser and a new client record will be added to the system and can later be found under the Client tab.