YachtCloser Release 67

Date of Release:  09/25/2018

The following release notes outline the major changes that will impact users.  The release may also contain general bug fixes and under-the-hood type of improvements that are not visible to users.  

Listing Title

We have added a new field on the vessel page below the Vessel Name field for a Listing Title.  The Listing Title will be published to BoatWizard and subsequently to all BoatWizard portals.

Link to Listing or Deal on Signed Notifications

When you receive a signed notification email there will now be a hyperlink included that will take you directly to the associated listing or deal.  Selecting the hyperlink will open a new browser window and for security purposes, if you were not already signed in, you will be required to sign in to access the listing or deal.

Initial Stamp Size Adjustment on e-Signed Attachments

We have adjusted the size and shape of the initial stamp that appears on an attachment that has been e-signed.  Previously the initial stamps could have covered up part of the document but now it will be included in the footer of the document.