YachtCloser Release 63

Date of Release:  06/17/2018

The following release notes outline the major changes that will impact users.  The release may also contain general bug fixes and under-the-hood type of improvements that are not visible to users.  

Responsive User Experience

You might remember several months ago that we updated the fields on the Account tab to be responsive, meaning if you resize your browser the fields will change to better fit the screen.  That was the 1st step in our process to have a fully responsive mobile website.  Our 2nd step is being released now.  The pages within the Inventory, Deal, Client, and Resource tabs now have responsive fields.  You will also notice that the fields have an updated look, a little bigger and brighter blue text, etc.  Stay tuned for Step 3 and we appreciate your patience while we improve the look and feel of YachtCloser.

Trailer Added to Deal Summary for Dealer Inventory

We added a Trailer field to the Deal Summary for dealer inventory to allow the dollar amount of the trailer to be specified in the deal.

  • The trailer information can be added from the Deal Summary page by selecting the small blue button or if a trailer is listed on the Additional Units page for the vessel then it will be shown in this new field. If you edit the information on the Deal Summary trailer field then it will update on the Additional Units page.
  • If there happens to be more than 1 trailer entered on the Additional Units page the amount in this new field will be the first trailer listed.

Double Click Issue when Adding Inventory....

We fixed a bug where if a user double clicked on the Add Inventory button the system added two listings.

Duplicate BoatWizard Listings....No More

We improved publishing within YachtCloser to prevent duplicate BoatWizard listings.

Two Parties E-Sign at the same time?  No Problem

We fixed a bug where two parties signed the same document at the exact same time and the system rejected one of the signatures. Now both parties can sign at the same time and we will handle it and record both signatures.