How to Import DockMaster Clients into YachtCloser

YachtCloser has completed Phase 1 integration with DockMaster and provided the ability for YachtCloser brokers to import DockMaster client and vessel information into a listing or deal.  More development to come in Phase 2.  

To turn on the integration submit a request to "DockMaster" at to initiate the process. Once DockMaster receives the request they will configure settings within DockMaster and will provide you with a custom URL, username and password.  The next step is to contact YachtCloser support at and provide the URL, username, and password from DockMaster and YachtCloser will configure settings on our end.

How to Import DockMaster Clients into a Listing or Deal

1.  From any Seller or Buyer page, select the Client Search button.

2.  Enter the client name, company, or email into the Instant Search and select the Search CRM button.  Note:  If there are matching clients in YachtCloser they will display when you enter data into the Instant Search field.  Once you search the CRM only DockMaster clients will be displayed.  In the example below, I did not have any matching clients in YachtCloser so there are no clients displayed.

3.  A list of matching DockMaster prospects and customers will display.  Find the client you want to import and select the Select button.

4.  If the DockMaster client has vessel information in DockMaster the Vessel Select pop up window will display.  If you want to import the vessel information select the Select button.  If you do not want vessel information imported then select the Cancel button.

5.  The DockMaster client and vessel information is now populated in YachtCloser.