How to Authorize Publishes to BoatWizard Instead of Automatic Publish (For Admins Only)

YachtCloser has provided the ability for admins (or specified users) to review and authorize all publishes to BoatWizard instead of the system automatically publishing.  This feature allows the broker to input all the data under inventory but the admin has the opportunity to review and make changes prior to the listing being published for all of the world to see.  

Prevent Automatic Publish to BoatWizard

As a default, once the Publisher Review page for a listing has 100% required fields completed the listing automatically publishes to BoatWizard.  The following setting will prevent the automatic publishing.

Under the Account Tab, go to Company Info and then Brokerage Settings and/or Dealer Settings.  Under Inventory Settings you will find a checkbox titled "Do Not Publish (new inventory)".  If this checkbox is selected, when new inventory is added the 'Do Not Publish' checkbox on the Publisher Review page is automatically checked which prevents the listing from being published to BoatWizard.    

Authorize Publish

To authorize the listing to publish to BoatWizard, go to the Inventory / Vessel / Publisher Review page and deselect the Do Not Publish checkbox.  

Restrict Who Can Authorize Publish

If you want to remove the ability for brokers to authorize publish and only allow admins (or specified users) this privilege, go to Account / Location Info / Users and remove the Publish Authorize privilege for the desired brokers.

If a user does not have the Publish Authorize privilege, the Do Not Publish checkbox is disabled on the Publisher Review page and they cannot make any changes to that checkbox.