YachtCloser Release 54

Date of Release:  10/5/2017

  • The document pages have been redesigned to improve user experience on mobile devices.  See help article Documents Page Overview for details.

  • Added validation checks during the e-sign process to determine if a document has already been signed.
  • The My Sold filter on the Deal tab has been updated to display the Closed Date in red text instead of the Closing date.
  • Updated document viewer on Account>Location Info>Brokerage and Dealer Forms, Inventory>Archives, and Deal>Archives page.

  • If a user inputs the wrong username and/or password on the login page, a message “Incorrect Username or Password” will be presented instead of a generic error message.

  • If a password reset link is selected after the password has already been reset the following message will display and allow the user to send another password reset email.  

  • Updated the look of the Account pages to be mobile responsive to improve user experience on mobile devices.  The pages will resize based on the device or browser size being used. (Additional pages throughout YachtCloser will be converted to the mobile responsive design in upcoming releases.)