YachtCloser / YachtWorld Integration Announcement Jan 27 2017

Emailed to customers January 27, 2017:

As we kick off 2017, I am excited to share the latest YachtCloser news with our most valued customers - news that I am confident will be well-received. As you know, I developed YachtCloser to address the frustrations that I, as a broker and dealer, felt each time I had to enter data multiple times because industry applications didn’t sync. While YachtCloser has made significant strides in improving this challenge, there are still opportunities to improve your business processes and help you contract and close more deals.

The following news will be shared publicly on Friday, January 27th, and it’s important to me that you are among the first to be informed. YachtCloser has completed a transaction with Dominion Marine Media and is excited about the opportunity to create a true end-to-end solution for the yacht brokerage and boat dealer industry. This joining of forces brings together the industry’s leading administrative and marketing solutions and will soon eliminate duplicate entry and provide a single, unified point of entry for our customers.

I hope that you join the YachtCloser team in our enthusiasm about this new venture, the added value and future opportunities this will bring to our customers. We appreciate your support over the last six years and look forward to continuous growth and success!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Has the process of managing my YachtCloser account changed?

The people, support, and processes you currently use with YachtCloser products and services will remain the same. Customer service and support is our top priority and we look forward to continuing our business relationship.

Will my YachtCloser price change?

Your monthly rate for YachtCloser is unchanged. Any changes to your account will be communicated.  

What does this mean to me, as a broker?

This provides a single data entry point for all your listings, inventory management, deal making and transaction closing. This integration will save you hours of administrative time every week and provide a seamless, listing agreement to final closing solution.

Why are the two businesses combining? Is this just to increase prices going forward? What are the benefits?

We are working to generate efficiencies for you and your company: a single point of data entry for all of your online marketing and administration. This integration is meant to provide you a choice for how to best manage your business day-to-day.  

Is the name of the business going to change?

While the business’ technology will be integrated, the business entities will operate autonomously for the foreseeable future.

Which platform is going to be used going forward - YachtCloser or BoatWizard?

BoatWizard and YachtCloser are each powerful, industry-leading applications that provide specific solutions for the brokerage industry. Therefore, we will continue to develop each platform with a focus on data integration to improve overall business efficiency.

What does this mean for future innovation? Is YachtCloser going to stop introducing new products and technology?

On the contrary, we expect innovation from both companies to accelerate and be enhanced by this transaction.

What’s happening to YachtCloser / YachtWorld management? 

Management of both businesses remains unchanged.

How do I buy YachtCloser products?

YachtCloser products and services are sold by the YachtCloser team. However, if you are a YachtWorld customer and would like to add YachtCloser to your product suite, contact your YachtWorld account manager to get started.

Will YachtCloser continue to operate separately?

For the moment, yes. YachtCloser and YachtWorld will work closely to ensure we are delivering best-in-class technology solutions to our customers. The integration of these two technologies allows you to take advantage of the industry’s leading administrative and marketing solutions - giving you the choice for how to best manage your business.

What will happen to YachtSpring.com?

YachtSpring.com will be sunsetted; however, considerations will be made to integrate YachtSpring’s best practices with DMM’s platforms. Our goal is to not only allow you a choice in administrative tools, but to also introduce advanced marketing tools designed to drive more prospects to your business.

Will YachtCloser integrate with YachtWorld?

Yes. The industry’s top administrative and marketing solutions are merging software and operations to simplify your brokerage business and increase your efficiency, and therefore, your profits. Once integration is complete, you’ll be able to enter all of your listing information once.

Who do I contact for support?

You should continue to contact your existing account manager(s) or sales manager for support.  We will be adding additional support staff to ensure your questions are handled in the most efficient manner possible.

Is there a discount if I buy both YachtWorld & YachtCloser?

No. We believe the value of a single software solution provides a significant cost-savings to your business.

I currently have a website through YachtCloser and pay for an API feed from YachtWorld. Is that cost eliminated now that you are the same company?

The cost for current inventory integration will be eliminated once the integration is complete. We will communicate this and any other change(s) to your account as necessary.

What happens to YachtCloser Business Intelligence Suite (YC Sold Boat site)?

We plan to move forward with the YachtCloser BIS and will be improving the current product with additional enhancements. Our goal is to provide our customers with a comprehensive data suite that allows you to make better business decisions.

Which company will send my bill?

In the near term, you will continue to receive a bill from YachtCloser and a bill from DMM. We are in the process of developing an accounting integration to provide one invoice.