What is a Blog Category?

What are Blog Categories?

Blog Categories allow for your readers to easily browse through your blog posts by topic rather than chronological order which improves the usability of your site. As you can see in the Image below, this blog page on the Front End of the website shows the different categories that have been elected to use. 

By clicking on any of these categories, I am able to filter which type of blog posts I want to read. 

In the Back End Control Panel, you are able to add these categories by clicking on  Blog Section then Modify Existing Blog Category. 

After you add a new category a Shortcode will be generated, which will look similar to [fcbloglist categoryid=1]. You will then need to copy the Shortcode to your Blog page in the Back End of your website. See below images for the steps to take:

After you Copy the Shortcode, click on Page Section then Modify Existing Page to open up your Page List. Next, click on the Mod tool to open up your Blog page (or News and Events page):

Paste your Shortcode in the content box, and hit Save: