How to refer Boat Financing from YachtCloser

1. Navigate to Deal / Documents and click on the "Referrals" tab

2. Select "Boat Financing" YachtCloser Financial

(You can also select the "Referrals" button on the Buyer page as well)

3. Select how you would like to refer financing and add any special comments to your client:

Option 1: Send Email to Client (with resource information)

- Contact information for YachtCloser Financial is sent to your customer

Option 2: Send Email to Client (with link to Online Form) **BEST CHOICE**

- Your client is sent a link to online credit application (mobile friendly).  Credit app is pre-populated with client and boat information from YachtCloser to simplify the application process for your client.

Option 3: Send Email to Resource (with Client Information)

- An email is sent to YachtCloser Financial for us to reach out to your client

Benefits of Working with YachtCloser Financial:

  • Once YachtCloser Financial receives the request, we will begin working with your buyer to secure financing.
  • Saves Buyer and Broker time with YCF agent gathering required application and closing information directly from your YachtCloser account.
  • Copies of pertinent documents will be uploaded directly to your account in YachtCloser.
  • Broker referral incentives available  :)

To learn more about our financing service and programs, please contact:

YachtCloser Financial

Phone: 954-361-6022