How to Add a User to Your Website

To add a new User to your Website you will first Log-into the Back End Control Panel, and under the  User Section click Add New User.

You can assign each user with roles for the website, the user types are:

Agent: An Agent will have access to their own inventory and profile page. They will be able to add new inventory, make edits, upload images, delete their own inventory as well as making edits and changes and uploading images to their broker profile page.

Location Admin: If you have multiple locations you can appoint users to oversee all Brokers in that specific location. Location Admins will have the ability to add Inventory, make edits, add photos, update profile information for all Brokers in their location. They can also make changes to information for the specific Location (i.e. Address, and Contact Information).

Company Admin: Company Admins will have access to all locations and all users information. They can make edits to all inventory and location information as well as make edits to the internal pages in the website.

Once you have set the users role type and have added in their basic information, you will see at the bottom of the page an  Admin Only section. 

Allow Back End Access?: By checking off this option, users of any Role Type will have access to the Back End Control Panel, with the ability to edit internal pages, add / delete blog posts, and modify all users. If you unselect this option, they will only have access to add inventory, edit their profile, and edit Location information (Only with Location Admin role) through the Dashboard in the Front End of the website. 

Show up on Website?: You can elect to have the User show up on the Website under the 'Our Team' page.

Display Listings on Profile page?: The Brokers Listings will appear under his profile page when checked 'Yes'.