How to Add a Resource

YachtCloser allows users to add their own unique resources (surveyors, insurance agent, etc) to your Resource / My Favorites page.  The resources are then available to send to your clients as referrals.

Note:Many resources already exist in YachtCloser, so you may want to look at the different categories to see if they already exist, and if you find any you want to use, click the Add button to add to your My Favorites page.

If your desired resource doesn't already exist in YachtCloser, click the Add Resource button on the Resource / My Favorites page, as displayed below.

Once you click on Add Resource, the following box will appear.  Fill out the resource information and select Ok.

Once your new resource record is saved, you can also upload a logo if desired.  You will need a logo image file (.jpg, .png) for the resource on your local computer.  If you have this handy, click the About button for your newly created resource record, then click the Upload Logo button, find the logo image file on your local computer and select.  YachtCloser will upload the logo.