How to Update your Company Information (for Admins Only)

NOTE: to add or update Company Information a user must have Company Admin privileges.

Company Info

To update your company name, email address or website address, go to the Company Info page under the Account tab.  

You can also upload a company logo on the Company Info page.  As displayed below: Click on the Upload Logo button under the Company Logo section to search your computer and upload the logo.


You can also select Preferred Premium Resources by clicking the Resources button on the right side of the page.  Click Select next to the category from which you want to choose.

Then Select the Preferred Premium Resource you want to add.  Adding a Preferred Premium Resource to your company will do two things:

1) For Finance and Insurance, the resource will display as an ad after your buyer successfully eSigns any document, giving them the opportunity to fill out an online credit application or insurance quote request.

2) The resources that you choose will also display on all Referrals pages in YachtCloser for your brokers to utilize.

Default Settings

You can assign default settings for the entire company that will populate in different areas of the application.  

Security Settings include password strength requirements, how often passwords must be changed, and how often a browser session will expire.  For more details on these settings see help article How to Update Password and Security Settings

Brokerage Settings and Dealer Settings can also be set.  For more details see help article How to Specify Company Default Settings  

Location Info

To update location contact information, such as the office address or contact number, go to the Location Info page under the Account tab.  

If you have more than one location, choose the correct location under the Location drop-down menu, as displayed below.  Once you select the correct location, make changes as needed and click the Save/Update button before leaving the page.

Under the Location Info page, you can add/edit users by clicking the Users button.  You can add your escrow account information by clicking the Escrow Account button.  You can preview all of the forms available in YachtCloser by clicking the Brokerage Forms and Dealer Forms buttons.  And finally, you can specify Resources for locations.