How to Add/Update Buyer Information

To add or update buyer information, go to the Deal tab and view the specific deal by clicking the View button in the Actions column.

Once the deal is open, go to the Buyer page and enter appropriate information.  If the Buyer was previously input in YachtCloser as a client and visible on your Client tab, you can use the Client Search button to find your buyer and populate their information on the Deal / Buyer page, as displayed below.  See separate article about Client Search.

You can update information that is already entered by clicking in the appropriate field and making changes as necessary. You can add Additional Information, such as the buyer's birth date or driver license number, or you can add a new Co-Buyer or add additional co-buyer information on the right side of the page, as displayed below.  

If you need to change the Buyer to a different person, please do NOT backspace over every field and re-input new Buyer information. Instead, click on the Remove Buyer button, as displayed below.  This will clear the page of the older buyer's information and allow you to input a new buyer.

NOTE: If you backspace over all the fields for an existing buyer, and then re-input new buyer information, you are not adding a new buyer, but rather changing the existing buyer client record.  If this buyer client record has been used on any other listings or deals, this will overwrite the old Buyer's information in those connected records in YachtCloser.  If you are ever replacing a client with a new client, click the Remove Buyer button, then add the new information for the new client.  

Once you use Remove Buyer, you can use Client Search if desired.

Before leaving the Buyer page, make sure to click the Save/Update button.

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