How to Create a Counter Offer

New Counter Offer Feature

We have added a very exciting new feature to allow both the Listing Broker and Selling Broker to send counter offers for e-signature.  

1.  Go to the Terms page and you will see a new Counter Offer button on the right navigation bar

2.  Enter a Counter Acceptance Date

3.  Enter Counter Offer Terms

4.  Go to the Documents page and select the Add Documents button.  All Listing Brokers will see the newly added YachtCloser version of the Counter Offer document named Counter Offer Addendum (YC Listing Broker).  If your location is signed up for CYBA forms then you will also see the CYBA counter offer agreement document Counter Offer Agreement (CYBA Listing Broker) that has been updated to pull the counter offer dates and terms.  The counter offer documents can be sent for e-signature.

5.  If the buyer is counter offering, the Selling Broker would follow the same steps and they have access to the same documents for the Selling Broker, Counter Offer Addendum (YC Selling Broker) and Counter Offer Agreement (CYBA Selling Broker).  The counter offer documents can be sent for e-signature.

6.  If the deal is going back and forth with multiple counter offers you would simply Reset the Counter Offer document and update the Counter Acceptance Date and Terms on the Counter Offer page.  Then resend the Counter Offer document with the new terms for e-signature.  We will also retain a copy of any signed counter offers that are reset in our document archives.

7. Once you have reached agreed upon Terms, you will need to go to the Terms tab and update the Terms and then Reset the PSA and send it out for Esignature again to all parties.

Please Note: The Counter Offer feature is not available when you are representing both Buyer and Seller on the Transaction as this was designed for the Co-Brokerage scenario.