How to Use Client Search

If you already have a Seller and/or CoSeller entered as a client, you can add them to an Inventory or Deal record by using the Client Search button.  

In this example, we will be creating a new Inventory Listing.  After clicking on the Add Inventory button the Seller page is displayed.  Instead of retyping the client information, click the Client Search button, as displayed below. 

The following screen will appear.  Start to type the seller's name (4 characters minimum) into the Instant Search box.  Once the correct client displays, click the Select button.

After selecting a client you will be shown the vessels that your client currently has.  If the seller owns multiple vessels, simply click the Select button next to the vessel associated with the Inventory Listing you are creating or select Cancel to bypass selecting an existing vessel.

All of the client information, including the vessel if selected, will populate on to the Seller and Vessel pages and all you have to do is click the Save/Update button to confirm. 

You can also use Client Search on the Co-Seller page, assuming you have already input that person as a client previously:

Please note: any changes you make to the Seller or Co-Seller under Inventory or Deal, such as changing their email or the spelling of their name, will update on the client record under the Client tab as well.