How to Add Multiple Vessels to a Client Record

If you have a client that owns multiple vessels, you can enter each vessel under the Client tab.  

First pull up the client record by clicking the View button from the Client tab.

Go to the Vessel Has page, type in the vessel information, and click the Save/Update button. 

If you have already used this client in a deal, you will see the vessel information is already listed.  Please note, changing information on this page will also update the vessel information on the deal. 

To add a new vessel, simply click the Add Vessel button, as displayed below.

After clicking the Add Vessel button, you will be brought to a fresh Vessel Has page where you can enter in the new vessel information, then click Save/Update.  

After saving the new vessel, you will see it added to the vessel drop-down, as displayed below.  To make changes to a vessel, select the appropriate vessel in this drop-down then make changes as needed.