How to Upload and Manage Vessel Photos

Upload Photos

For the best display images should be a minimum of 980 x 652 pixels with an aspect ratio of 1.5:1 (3:2).

To upload photos of a vessel, go to the Vessel page under the Inventory tab.  Click on Media in the More Details section on the right.

There are two ways to upload a photo.

1)  Click the Upload Photos button, as displayed below.  

2) Drag and drop photos into the Drop photos here box, shown below.

Multiple files can be selected for upload at the same time.  Additional files can be selected while others are uploading.  You can also click away from the page and the uploads will continue in the background.

Image uploads do not require a Save / Update as they are automatically saved.  

Rearrange Order of Photos

If you upload multiple photos, you can rearrange the photos by simply clicking and dragging the photo to the desired location.  The photo in the first position will be the "primary" photo and will display by default on the main Inventory/Current Inventory page as well as the primary photo under the MLS.

Edit / View Larger Image of Photos

To edit a photo or view a larger image, hover over the photo and click on the pencil icon on the lower left of the photo,you will see an Edit Media pop-up where you can add a title or rotate the image.

Delete Photos

To delete a photo, hover over the photo that you want to delete and select the checkbox in the lower right.  You can select multiple photos if desired, and then select the Delete button.