How to Update Seller Information

To update seller information, go to the Inventory tab and pull up the specific inventory listing by clicking the View button under the Actions column.

You can update information that is already entered, simply by clicking in the appropriate field and making changes as necessary. Then click the Save/Update button.

For example, you can update the Seller's mobile phone number and Save/Update

Note: this will update the Seller's phone under the Client Tab as well.

You can add Additional Information, such as the seller's birthday or drivers license number, or you can add Co-Seller information on the right side of the page, as displayed below.  

If you need to change the Seller to a different person,  DO NOT BACKSPACE OVER THE RECORD; INSTEAD CLICK ON THE REMOVE SELLER BUTTON, as displayed below.

***If you backspace over and add a new Seller, you will overwrite the old Seller's information in every single record in which that client was ever used in YachtCloser. This could mess up old Inventory Records or Deals in the database.  If you are ever replacing a client with a new client, ALWAYS CLICK ON REMOVE FIRST, then, and only then, add the new client to the record.   

Once you Remove Seller, you can add the new Seller using the Client Search button, if they are listed as a Client already, or you can type in the new Seller and they will automatically save under the Client tab. 

 Before leaving the Seller page, make sure to click the Save/Update button.