How to Edit a Document

You can edit information entered into YachtCloser as many times as needed prior to sending a document for signature.  Once you either send your document out for eSignature, or add a signature by using the Hand Sign feature, the document will transition to a Pending status and will no longer populate with any new edits automatically.

If you need to make changes to a document that is in a Pending or Signed status, you must use the Reset feature available on the Documents page.  To do so, navigate to the Documents page on either the Inventory or Deal tab.  Check the box next to the document you wish to reset and select the Reset button under Options.

The Reset button will refresh the document and put it back to a Draft status.  Any new edits made on the listing or deal pages will then populate onto the new Draft document.

Please note: by clicking Reset, the document is refreshed and removes any previous signatures.  You will need to resend the new document out for eSignature.  The old document will be saved under the Archives page.