How to Create an Escrow Agreement

To create an Escrow Agreement, go to the Deal Summary page under the Deal tab and click the Seller Summary button on the right side of the page.  Click in the amount field for Holdback (Escrow).

 A pop-up window will appear, as shown below.  Enter the appropriate information in the corresponding fields and click Ok.

NOTE: For the YBAA version of this form, please see the following additional information:

1a is populated by the Trial Run date that gets specified under Deal / Terms / Additional Terms

1b is populated with the State value from Deal / Vessel / Location Information (state value)

Go to the  Documents page. If the Escrow Agreement is not listed under Documents, click Add Documents and add it.  You can then click the View button to preview the document or send it out for eSignature by selecting the eSign button.