How to Adjust Commission Option for Survey Allowance

You have the option to Adjust the Commission Amount when there is a Survey Allowance.  By default, this is set to No.  

After you enter the Survey Allowance under the Deal / Terms / Acceptance page, select Yes to Adjust Commission as pictured below:

As you can see in the example below, the Offer Amount was set under Deal / Terms to $1,800,000:

Since we selected Yes to Adjust Commission, the Selling Price under Deal / Commission has been adjusted (Offer Amount MINUS Survey Allowance; or in this case, $1,800,000 - 5,000).  

The commission is now based off this new adjusted "Selling Price".

Please Note: the actual Selling Price on the Deal / Terms page is not adjusted; only the Selling Price on the Commissions page is adjusted to allow the revised commission calculation.

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