How to Create a Conditional Acceptance Agreement

To create a Conditional Acceptance, go to the Terms page on the Deal tab.  Click on the Acceptance button on the right side of the page, as displayed below.

You can add the Survey Allowance, Completion Date, and Conditions in the appropriate fields, then click the Save/Update button.  Please note: the Survey Allowance amount will not display on the Conditional Acceptance Agreement but it will be deducted from the Offer Amount for all closing, state and documentation paperwork. 

Navigate to the Documents page.  If the Conditional Acceptance document is not listed, click the Add Documents button and add it.  Then you can preview the document by clicking the View button.

You can then send the document for electronic signature by selecting the Conditional Acceptance document and clicking on the Esign button.  See help article How to Send a Document for Electronic Signature for more details.