YachtCloser issues - check your Internet connection

We want to ensure YachtCloser is running beautifully for you.  As we're sure you can appreciate, YachtCloser is dependent on your internet connection.  Occasionally we find users struggling with a slower-than-normal connection or an intermittent connection, causing slow speeds, strange behavior, and frustration.

You can check your internet connection and speed at any of these websites: 








Most internet service providers (ISPs) are offering 10Mbps download / 1Mbps upload as their low-end speed offering.  If you are experiencing speeds less than 10Mbps down, please consider contacting your ISP to confirm what speed you are paying for and what speed you should be seeing.  We have worked with numerous brokers that have needed their ISP to "troubleshoot" and "fix" speed issues.  Once resolved to a normal speed, their experience in YachtCloser has been much more enjoyable.

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