How to View As another Broker (for Admins only)

If you are an admin and need to create inventory or deals for other users, or work in their behalf to update records and send out documents for signature, you can do so by using the Viewing As functionality.

When you click the Viewing As button in the header area of YachtCloser, it is as if you logged in as that user and you will see everything in YachtCloser as that user sees it when they log in.  For example, you will see their Inventory or Deal records, which enables you, as an admin, to work on their behalf.

To begin, click on the Viewing As button, as displayed below.

A pop up will appear. Simply select the name of the broker you wish to impersonate and click OK, as displayed below.

It is easy to remember which user you are Viewing As because the Viewing As bar in the header area of the application will turn yellow and display the name of the user you are impersonating.

Once you are done impersonating a user, you can click on the Viewing As button again and select My Records to go back to your account and your records, as displayed below.