How to Add a Deal as a Listing Broker

If you are the Listing Broker ONLY and would like to have a deal record on your Deal tab that you have full visibility to and full control over, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Inventory tab, find your listing and click on the Offer button.
  2. Once the Create Deal popup appears, click the Broker Search button for the selling broker.
  3. Type at least four characters in the Instant Search box to start searching for the selling broker and then Select the Broker OR click the New Broker button to add the co-broker if they are not yet a user of YachtCloser.
  4. On the Buyer page, input the buyer's name if you have it or you can input something generic, e.g. Buyer of Record in the first name field and click Save / Update.
  5. On the Terms page, add any terms from the contracts provided by the Buyers broker (this is for informational purposes).
  6. On the Documents page, go to the Uploads tab and upload any signed documents in connection with this deal. You can also Add Documents to prepare and send any documents pertinent to your client.
  7. Once the deal is complete, click the SOLD button at the top of the Deal / Documents page to change the deal status to SOLD.

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