How to Restrict Signing Privileges on Documents (for Admins only)

NOTE:  to add or update Company Information a user must have Company Admin privileges.

Company Admins can now restrict eSign privileges on Documents.  Go to Account Tab / Location Info / Brokerage Forms (or Dealer Forms) page. As displayed below, you will see a drop-down next to each form where you choose from the following options:

  1. Brokers/Admins = both brokers and admins can sign the document
  2. Admin Only = only Admins can sign
  3. Company Signer = Only the designated person with this permission can sign.

If you set a form to Admins Only, such as the Closing Documents displayed above, the broker will still be able to access those documents on their Documents page; however, they will not be able to send themselves an eSign invite.  eSign invites will only be routed to Admins for those particular documents. 

You can also set forms to display On or Off per location on this page.