How to Edit a Listing Agreement

How to Edit a Listing Agreement in Draft status

If a listing agreement is in Draft status, meaning there are no hand signatures recorded and no eSignature invites have been sent, you can edit the information under the inventory tab as many times as you'd like and the document will include all updated information.  Simply go to the Current Inventory page under the Inventory tab and view the listing to make updates.

How to update a Listing Agreement in Pending or Signed status

Once you send a document for eSignature or mark a document complete by using the Hand Sign feature, the document will transition from Draft status to Pending or Signed status and it can no longer be edited.  If you need to make changes to a Listing Agreement that is already signed or that has outstanding eSign invites awaiting signatures, you can Reset the document.  

Go to the Documents page and select the Listing Agreement, then select the Reset button.  Resetting the document will reset it back to a Draft status and the document will include all current information.  You can then navigate to the appropriate pages to make further changes as necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: By clicking Reset, the document is refreshed and any previous signatures will be lost.  You MUST send new eSign invites to all signing parties for them to sign the new latest draft of the document. The old Listing Agreement that was reset is still visible on the Archives page if you need to refer back to it.