How to have Seller Disclose Material Damage

NOTE: For some Listing Agreement documents the seller will be prompted to disclose material damage during the eSign process for the listing agreement.  This article focuses on the stand alone Material Damage Disclosure document.

Click the View button for the inventory listing that you want to disclose material damage.

Go to the  Documents page and click the Add Documents button.

 Check the box next to  Material Damage Disclosure and click the Add button.

Select the  Material Damage Disclosure document and select the Esign button under Send.

To send the document to the seller, check the box next to Seller and click Send Invites

The seller will receive an email, like the one below.  They will click the link to begin the eSign process.

During the eSign process, the seller will be prompted, as shown below, to disclose material damage.

Once complete, the document will populate with the information the seller provided and the disclosures are recorded on the Terms page when you select the Material Damage button.