How to Turn Inventory into a Deal

Once you have a buyer and offer on one of your inventory listings, you can easily turn the listing record into a deal simply by clicking the Offer button under the Actions column on the Inventory tab, as shown below.

Your information will populate both the Listing Broker and Selling Broker fields.  If you are the Listing Broker only, click the Broker Search button.

If the Selling Broker is also a YachtCloser user, you can easily pull them in by using the Instant Search box.  If they are not a YachtCloser user, then use the New Broker button to add them into the Deal.

Then, you will automatically be brought into the Deal tab and Buyer page.   The Seller and Vessel information from the Inventory Listing will automatically be transferred over to the Deal.  All you need to do is:

1) Add the buyer information on the Buyer page.

2) Add the terms on the Terms page (ie: offer amount, closing date, etc..)

The next step is to create the Purchase & Sale Agreement.  Go to the Documents page and select the Add Documents button.

Check the box next to Purchase and Sale Agreement and click the  Add button.

Click the View button to preview the document and ensure all information is correct.