How to Create a Listing Agreement

To create a Listing Agreement a.k.a. Listing Contract, go to the Inventory tab and click the Add Inventory button, as displayed below.

1) Add Seller Info  **(If the Seller is already listed under your Client tab, use the Client Search button to pull them into this Inventory Record.  Click here for more information on how to use Client Search)

2) Add Vessel Info Click here to learn how to streamline the data entry process by importing manufacturer specifications, descriptions, and images.

3) Add Terms (ie: Listing Type, Listing Price, Contract Date, Commission, etc..)

4) Navigate to the Documents page and click on the Add Documents button.  

5) Select the Listing Agreement and click the Add button.

To preview the document, check the box in front of  Listing Agreement then click on the View button as shown below.