How to Attach Multiple Documents into One eSign Invite

You can send multiple documents in one eSign invite.  For a document to be eligible, it must be listed on the Documents page or in the user Uploads section, as displayed below.  If it is not listed on the Documents page, click the Add Documents button and add it.

You can attach additional documents from the Uploads tab.  You can upload a new document by clicking the Upload Document(s) button.


To send the eSignature email, go to the  Documents tab, select the document(s) to be sent by clicking anywhere in the row(s) and then select the Esign button.

PLEASE NOTE:  If multiple documents are selected, YachtCloser will check to see which parties are allowed to sign ALL of the documents selected.  If the buyer/co-buyer are able to sign all, then those parties will be displayed on the popup to select. Same for the other potential signing parties.  However, if one or more parties are NOT signers on ALL the documents selected, then those parties will be omitted from the popup and not selectable.

To attach additional documents from the Uploads tab, select the Attachments button on the Send E-Sign Invites pop-up and select the documents to be attached.  Then select the Send Invites button.

The email to your client will look similar to the one below: