How to Send an eSign Invite to a Seller through the Listing Broker

eSignature invitations to sellers on a deal go through the listing broker.  Since the selling broker is the one submitting an offer, they are the one creating and controlling the deal in YachtCloser.  However, when they go to send an eSign invitation to the seller, the eSign invitation goes through the listing broker.

(NOTE: The reason the eSign invite, or any email for that matter, does not go directly to the seller is to protect broker-client relations.  Since the seller is a client of the listing broker and not the selling broker, YachtCloser will not email directly to the seller from the selling broker.  Instead, the emails and eSign invites will go through the listing broker.)

As you can see, when the selling broker selects the eSign option on the Documents page, and selects the seller, it displays that the eSign invite request will initially be sent to the listing broker's email, as displayed below.The listing broker will receive an email similar to the one below, prompting him/her to click on a link:

After clicking the link in the email, the listing broker will be brought to a secure page on the internet where he/she can preview the document and then click the Send to Seller button, as displayed below:

After clicking on the Send button, the Seller Info box will appear.  If the seller's name and email is not already entered, then enter it here.

(NOTE: When the listing broker inputs a seller's email address, it is hidden from the selling broker in YachtCloser in order to protect broker-client relations.)

The email subject is defaulted but you have the ability to change it.  You can also add a personal message to be sent in the email.  Check the box identifying that you want to send to seller and/or co-seller, then click on the Send to Seller button, as displayed below:

 A confirmation is requested to send this document to the sellers for eSignature.  Simply click Yes, as displayed below:

The listing broker will be provided a confirmation screen similar to this one:

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